Underfloor Heating

Are you considering under floor heating for your Tasmanian home?

No longer is underfloor heating considered a luxury.  Underfloor heating is affordable, convenient, and environmentally friendly. Plus it offers a healthy way of keeping your family warm during the cold Tasmanian weather. Under floor heating systems are becoming the most popular form of central heating in Australia, and the hydronic heating systems are no exception. 

Hydronic heating systems achieve their home warming qualities by using hot water to provide heat throughout the entire home or building.  A boiler (most commonly a gas fired boiler) is used to heat the water which is then pumped through the floor coils. The hydronic under floor heating system, otherwise known as slab heating, is a water based heating system. Compared to under floor electric heaters, which use electrical conduction to heat your home, hydronic systems, as a result of being water based, are very quiet when in operation. 

You do not require a specific type of floor to be able to install and use them properly as is the case with electric systems.  When heating, an even distribution of warmth occurs, heating the entire room, not just the floor receiving warmth. The initial outlay to have a hydronic under floor heating system installed can be considered expensive, although this is compensated by its efficiency which has been found to be 30-40% more efficient than systems running on electricity. 

For allergy sufferers under floor heating systems offer good solutions as they dont blow dust and allergens around your home. If you want constant warmth, comfortable and healthy heating for your family home, then under floor heating is the healthiest and most cost effective option!

The advantages of underfloor heating

  • Comfortable, draught free heat
  • Save on energy bills
  • Low maintenance
  • Even temperature distribution throughout the room
  • Zoning
  • Maintenance free
  • Allergy/ Health friendly
  • Eco friendly
  • Perfect way to heat floors with high ceilings
  • invisible, non intrusive


Imagine never having cold feet

If you live in the colder parts of Australia, like Tasmania, then you'll be familiar with our cold winter mornings, when you are nice and warm in bed and have to get up.  You jump out of bed, put your feet on the cold floor, and run to the bathroom barefooted.  Your feet are numb by the time you put some socks on.  Is this a familiar scenario to you? Well, Hydronic Home has a solution… install hydronic under floor heating! 

Under floor heating offers a luxurious and immensely satisfying form of home heating. When considering the type of heating you’d like to use for your next home, consider installing a hydronic under floor heating system.  Put an end to icy cold feet and forget the need to have to search for your slippers in the dark ever again!

Many people will debate that Hydronic Home heating systems are just like any other form of central heating systems but it is not until you experience the constant warmth and comfortable heat of a hydronic heating system, free of cold draughts and noisy fans, that you can say this form of heating, whether it is a panel radiator system or a floor heating system, is far superior to any other form of heating out on the market.

Having moved to Tassie from the UK and loving it we realised the only thing we missed was what we called a gas central heating system, we found the heat pumps uncomfortable , blowing hot one minute and cold the next.

Our son who is a builder in Dodges Ferry put us in touch with a company called Hydronic Home who will fit a heating system the same as the UK, using a top quality German Bosch boiler and slim line radiators.

We contacted them and after receiving a quotation we engaged them to carry out the work ,  and it is fantastic . No more cold rooms or corners and giving a lovely even heat through out the house.

Thank you very much Kevin of Hydronic Home for installing the best type of heating available.

Jim & Mo Warren - Dodges Ferry
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