answers to common questions?

Are all of your installers qualified to fit a new boiler and hydronic heating system?

Yes, we are fully licensed plumbing and gas fitting contractors. I have previously been Corgi registered in the U.K. in which I worked for many years. We are up-to-date with all of the major boiler manufacturers training and gas regulations.

Can I add on to my heating system later if I extend my home?

Yes, very simply and with little upheaval to your existing system.

Can radiators or underfloor heating be installed in units?

Yes, as per our normal quotation procedures, we will come out and measure for a no obligation free quote

Can you install underfloor heating to wooden floorboards?

Yes definitely, the installation costs may be a little higher as there is more involved installation wise.

Do the boilers come with a warranty?

Yes, different boiler manufacturers vary their warranties, Hydronic Home will provide you with the right boiler for your budget and needs. To fulfil your manufacturers warranty, your boiler must be serviced every 12 months and any extended warranties.

How is the heating system controlled? Can I easily change the thermostat to the temperature required?

We supply digital thermostats as well as internet smart phone controlled thermostats. After install of your heating system, we will walk you through and show you how to set up your thermostat to suit you and your families daily requirements.

How often should I have my heating system serviced / maintained?

Manufacturers recommend at least once every twelve months for a pre-season checking a general service. Hydronic Home Heating performs both of these services at the one time, even if we didn't install your heating system. As a service agent for Immergas and Bosch we will regardless of date or time attend your home in any emergency.

How quickly will the system heat?

Depending on the heat source and your system type, anything from 15 minutes for radiator panels to hours if you have underfloor slab heating.

I have young children, how hot do the radiators get?

Typically the water travelling through your radiators is around 80'c, it is hot and the radiator panels are warm to touch but people/ animals are safe from burns or scolds.

What information do you need to know about my house to fit a new hydronic heating system and boiler or heat source fitted?

To make sure we fit the right size boiler/ heat source and radiators for your home we will need to know;
Bathrooms - how many you have?
The dimensions of the rooms.
How many external walls each room may have?
Do you have double-glazing?
Is your home insulated?
Are you planning to build an extension to your house?

What is your complaints policy?

Our goal is to be your #1 choice for heating solutions and services and we work hard to provide you an outstanding customer experience. However, in an unlikely event of a complaint we rely on your feedback to help us put things right and to ensure we do not make the same mistake again. Should you wish to make a complaint you can do so by:
Contacting Kevin Haley on 0420 806 132.
Address: 90 Grevillea Street
Primrose Sands, 7173

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