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Fernox Hydronic Servicing Hobart

Hydronic Servicing

During our yearly servicing we look at all aspects ofyour system including water quality. To protect your system from the inside we recommend using Fernox, which is an inhibitor to protect against limescale formation and corrosion.

Advantages of using Fernox

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Towel Warmers

Create a luxury feel to any family bathroom with Delonghi towel warmers

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is an affordable, convenient, environmentally sustainable, and healthy way of keeping your family warm during the cold Tasmanian weather.

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Designer Radiators

Designer radiators are also available featuring mirrors, personalised pictures, family photo’s, wall hangings

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Steel Radiator Panels

The most popular of radiator styles due to its availability and affordability

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Gas continuous Flow Hotwater Units

LPG or Natural Gas units have lower upfront costs than a heat pump or evacuated tubes and produce less green house omissions than electric hot water units.

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Heat Pump Hot Water Units

Air-sourced heat pumps are an efficient type of water heater that extracts heat from the environment (air, water or ground) to heat water.

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Electric Hot Water Units

Rinnai & Thermann Electric Hot Water Systems can be installed to any household, the units themselves are the most affordable to purchase, but can have a higher running costs.

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Immergas Boilers

The Intec Boilers are made in Italy and come with a factory fitted external case and a stainless steel condensing heat exchanger.

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Gas Installation of Cookers

HYDRONIC HOME delivers a first class residential & commercial Gas Installation service throughout Tasmania and are the preferred Gas installers for TasGas.

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